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Crowds gather again at Stony Brook University following night of 29 arrests during pro-Palestinian protest

In addition to pro-Palestinian chants, student protesters are demanding that those who were arrested have their charges and suspensions dropped.

News 12 Staff

May 2, 2024, 9:40 AM

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A crowd gathered again on the campus at Stony Brook University Thursday afternoon following a night where 29 people were arrested during pro-Palestinian protests.
The group started the protest at the administration building, where there was already a planned event. They then peacefully moved to another part of the campus near the science building.
In addition to pro-Palestinian chants, student protesters also demanding that those who were arrested have their charges and suspensions dropped. They say that those students were not allowed back on campus to get their possessions from their dorms.
Thursday’s protest started at around 4 p.m. and went on for around 90 minutes. Participants say they were standing in solidarity with those who were arrested.
Nobody was arrested during the afternoon protest, but school officials announced early Thursday that 22 students, two faculty members and five other people were arrested.
Stony Brook University’s President Maurie Mcinnis said it deeply saddened her that police intervention became necessary. According to Mcinnis, the protesters had been hostile toward other students who were not participating in the demonstration.
The standoff happened after a deadline of 11 p.m. that was set by school administrators had passed.
News 12's Thema Ponton and Kevin Vesey were at the university during a tense standoff between police and protestors. Watch their coverage in the video below:
The top demand for students has been financial transparency from Stony Brook University.
They say they want to know exactly where their tuition dollars are going.
Another demand is divestment from corporations that contribute or profit from Israeli military operations, something that Rick Gatteau, vice president of student affairs at Stony Brook University, said was communicated to the students would not be happening.
A letter sent to protesters also said that the university president is willing to meet with student leaders.
It is not clear how the situation escalated.

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