Police: Driver exceeded 100 mph moments before fatal Quogue crash

Officials say the driver of a car involved in a fatal crash on Montauk Highway in Quogue was driving faster than 100 mph.
The crash happened in July, killing an Uber driver and three passengers. A fourth passenger was critically injured in the accident.
The Quogue Village Police Department says the Nissan Maxima that hit the Uber was traveling at approximately 106 mph just seconds before the head-on crash. The driver of the Nissan, 22-year-old Justin Mendez, was also killed in the crash.
Police say Mendez's speed at the time of impact was 86 mph with no indication of braking.
The Uber was traveling 27 mph at the time of impact and hit the brakes about four seconds before.
The information was recovered by state police from data from the cars’ black boxes.