'We smell it all the time': Brookhaven landfill stench churns stomachs

<p>There's a stench coming from the Town of Brookhaven Landfill that's churning stomachs.</p>

News 12 Staff

Dec 13, 2018, 8:10 PM

Updated 1,990 days ago


There's a stench coming from the Town of Brookhaven Landfill that's churning stomachs.
Neighbors say the Yaphank landfill has been causing issues for years, but it's become unbearable over the past few weeks.
"It's just absolutely awful," says Adele Michelsen, of East Patchogue. "We smell it all the time."
The Town of Brookhaven says it's in the final stages of capping part of the landfill, which should be finished in about two weeks. It says it is aware that construction is causing what it calls "temporary" odor issues.
Environmentalists say it's not just about the odor.
"These types of odors are caused by hydrogen sulfide, which is in itself an irritant of the nose, the eyes, the lungs," says Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "But it also carries with it volatile organic chemicals, which can be harmful. It needs to be stopped -- the landfill needs to get under control."
The state Department of Environmental Conservation says it is in the area this week, using meters to measure levels of hydrogen sulfide gas in the air. There was no word on when those results will be available.
Town of Brookhaven spokesman Jack Krieger says about 75 percent of the landfill will be capped when the project is completed. He says it will provide a long-term solution to the community.

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