We’re Open: LI Elite Gymnastics in Freeport

The owners of a gymnastics training center in Freeport took a leap of faith and opened their doors safely in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.
LI Elite Gymnastics in Freeport is a new business on the south shore that is reaching new heights.
Owners Shirley Penzi and Dani Mattei are moms who decided to open their business in the middle of the pandemic
"We had to make it happen, we are two type A personalities, with great coaches, this was a win win no matter what," says Penzi.
Waiting patiently to hear back from the state, they were given the go-ahead and officially opened their doors in July.
Since then, the gymnasts and the coaches wear masks, get their temperatures checked and the gym is sanitized every day.
So far, 130 gymnasts have signed up and they are "head over heels" for the program that includes all levels from beginners to those with Olympic dreams.
Not only are they learning the most amazing gymnastics moves, they're also learning to be more confident, disciplined and they're setting life goals
"We are creating leaders for tomorrow young ladies that are going to go out into society and be able to problem solve and deal with adversity, to be challenged day to day and never give up," says Mattei.