We're Open: Once Bitten Donuts

The owners of a doughnut shop in Massapequa Park had their opening derailed because of the pandemic but now they are enjoying nothing but sweet success.
Once Bitten Donuts specializes in custom doughnuts and makes them fresh daily.
"We love to come up with all innovative and fun names for all the doughnuts," says owner Catherine Logozzo. "We love hearing the customers say, 'the devil made me do it, or 'give me some of the cinnabon.'"
In addition to doughnuts, the shop also has milkshakes, ice cream and it even does soda floats. They also have coffee called chugachinno -- a mushroom coffee that is supposed to help relieve stress.
The store finally opened in October and encourages everyone to come on down and taste a bite while having some coffee.