South Shore Craft Brewery survives pandemic with detailed attention, passion for brewing

A Nassau County brewery that opened in 2019 was forced to pivot early with attention to detail and passion for brewing to keep the business thriving.
Located in Oceanside, the business serves fresh beer, along with other drinks like cider and seltzer. They also carry wine and vodka.
“We opened the doors in October 2019 and everything going well and then five months later, the shutdown began,” says Hugh Howard, of South Shore Craft Brewery.
The nearly 2-year-old business allowed to-go sales which kept them afloat.
“We had a single head canner, so we busted out that out and started canning one beer at a time for the first few weeks,” says employee Nick Cimorelli.
The business reopened at half capacity in mid-June.
“At the bar, we also added dividers…to keep people from getting up and going to the bar. We hired additional staff to also serve the tables,” says Howard.
In addition to the changes, they have a head brewer now who tells News 12 it’s a great team he’s happy to be a part of.
“Some people say they don't like beer, but they just haven't met the right beer yet,” says head brewer Peter Tripe.
With Tripe on the team, the brewery puts out three to eight barrel batches on a weekly basis.
“The word is spreading about South Shore Craft Brewery…we are family friendly, people come here with their families,” says Howard.
A food truck sits outside to offer a bite to eat, along with live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. People can enjoy acoustic nights on Thursdays.