Queens DA: Weapons charges filed against driver of car involved in fatal shooting of NYPD officer

Lindy Jones has been charged with criminal possession of a loaded weapon and willful defacement of a weapon.

News 12 Staff

and Cecilia Dowd

Mar 27, 2024, 10:45 AM

Updated 25 days ago


One of the two suspects involved in the fatal shooting of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was charged Tuesday.
Lindy Jones is facing weapons charges. He's accused of driving the car and having an illegal weapon - a loaded pistol in the glove department with the serial number scratched off. Jones did not fire the weapon at Diller.
The Queens district attorney says the alleged gunman in the fatal shooting of Diller has been identified as Guy Rivera. Rivera is currently hospitalized, in police custody and has not been charged yet.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams says Jones was arrested on a gun charge last year. Adams says Rivera had been arrested more than 20 times prior to this arrest.
Jones didn’t say anything as he was walked out of the 101st Precinct in Queens Wednesday afternoon. At his arraignment, the prosecutor said Jones claimed that he didn’t know the man accused of shooting Officer Diller, claiming that he’d been picking up a hitchhiker. Jones allegedly said, while at the precinct, that there was another gun in the car and "I think they found it; that’s why I’m still here.”
Prosecutors said he has previous criminal convictions, including attempted murder. He has an open case involving the criminal possession of a weapon dating back to 2023. He is now being held without bail but was out on bail on the 2023 case.
Prosecutors said he faces a total of 30 years behind bars. That includes 15 years for these new charges and 15 years for the open case from 2023.
NYC PBA President Patrick Hendry called both suspects in this case "career criminals." Though Jones isn't the suspected gunman, Hendry said he's just as responsible. Hendry said Officer Diller loved protecting the people of New York City and that the attacks on police officers have to stop.
Police say Diller and his partner approached a vehicle that was illegally parked at a bus stop.
Shots were fired when the officers ordered the men to get out of the car, News 12 has learned.
Diller was shot in the stomach below his bulletproof vest.
“These are bad people who are doing bad things to good people. It’s the good guys against the bad guys, and we have to recognize that,” said Adams.
Police say Diller’s partner shot the suspected gunman in the back.
He was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center - the same hospital where Diller died.

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