Police: 2 arrested in large protest that closed roads in Shirley

A protest that started out peaceful ended with people in handcuffs in Shirley, police say.
Officials say two major roadways were shut down Monday night as protesters filled the streets. Around 100 protesters gathered on Montauk Highway at William Floyd Parkway.
The protesters marched down Montauk Highway chanting, holding signs and at one point jumped on a police SUV.
The group in Shirley was part of a larger protest that happened in Mastic earlier in the day. As the group approached the 7th Precinct, a line was set up on the William Floyd Parkway. Protesters were asked not to push through the line.
The two men who were arrested were charged with obstructing governmental administration. No injuries were reported to protesters or police.
News 12 spoke to one protester who said violence is not the focus, and said the Suffolk police were "with them" and helped protect them by closing roads.
"People in any authority, whether it's a cop, army, any armed force anything like that, they need to have a psychiatric evaluation. We need to know that they can handle the responsibility of being in an authority position and knowing they have the ability to take lives away," says Elizabeth Hammil.
At one point, one Suffolk officer even took a knee, erupting in cheers from the crowds of protesters.
Extended footage of the peaceful protest in Commack:
 Photos from the protest in Commack: