Protesters hold rally outside of Dennison Building in Hauppauge to fight for police accountability

Protesters held a rally outside of the Dennison Building in Hauppauge Sunday, calling for police accountability.
They say they're working to change the way police departments police and to advocate for a reallocation of some, but not all, law enforcement funding.
Protesters say they want some of the money to go into social justice programs, mental health issues, fair housing and job creation.
Supporters say they're watching what's happening across the country and are pushing for community support across all races.
Organizers and participants here at the rally say their goal going forward is really pretty simple - to keep up the pressure.
Shanequa Levin, of Long Island United to Transform Policing, says that 100 people have signed up to join work groups, and that 30 groups have signed up to become supporting members or partners of the organization.
 News 12 reached out to the local police departments for response.