Loans still available on LI despite credit squeeze

The credit squeeze is affecting people?s ability to get student loans as well as car and home loans, but some on Long Island say they aren?t having as much trouble as they thought they would securing such funds.
SUNY Stony Brook University junior Abhi Bikkani says he?s been turned down for a student loan by several banks, but eventually landed one for 12 percent. ?This semester my parents helped me out a bit, but next semester I'm really worried about what to do,? Bikkani says.
Brian Clarke, Bethpage Federal Credit Union CFO, says his company is an exception to the tightening credit trend. ?In the financial services industry the credit is extremely tight, but at Bethpage specifically, it is not tight.?
Clarke says the credit union has survived the bank crisis, but customers still need good credit to get a loan. Car dealers also say there is available money to be borrowed out there.
President Bush outlined measures Friday the government is taking to help those who have suffered the most and are in danger of losing their homes. He says one initiative will help prevent foreclosures and the other will ?make it easier for responsible lenders to refinance affordable mortgages ensured by the Federal Housing Authority."
Long Island Association economist Pearl Kamer says the efforts will help keep people in their homes but adds that there is no quick easy fix to the foreclosure problem.
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