LIers worry child care cuts will force them on welfare

Hundreds of Long Island parents say they may be forced to quit their jobs and go on welfare because of child care cuts.
In June, the state cut several million dollars for child care programs. With funds for child care assistance depleting, many programs are grabbing for every last dollar.
"I don't want to be on welfare," widowed working mother of four Julian Springman says. ?I don't want to go down that route I know they don't provide a lot for families.? Springman says she wants to work but is having trouble paying for child care.
Suffolk County Social Services Commissioner Janet Demarzo says the county spends about $730 a month per child. However, the county has an above average number of children receiving child care.
The county says nearly 600 families are on a waiting list to receive child care assistance and it?s not taking any new applicants.