Driver accused of killing Boy Scout while drunk pleads not guilty

The man accused of driving drunk and killing a 12-year-old Boy Scout in Manorville pleaded not guilty on Thursday.
A judge gave 60-year-old Thomas Murphy, of Holbrook, until Thursday to either plead guilty or go to trial. He chose the latter.
Murphy is accused of operating his vehicle while drunk and plowing into a group of Boy Scouts walking on the side of a Manorville road in September. Andrew McMorris, 12, died a day later. The boy had hopes of becoming a pilot one day.
The courtroom was packed with relatives and friends of the victim, along with fellow Scouts, all showing their support for the McMorris.
Murphy, through his lawyer, made repeated promised to take responsibility for his suspected actions. But in Thursday's hearing, which lasted less than a minute, Murphy decided to go with a not guilty plea.
The victim's parents, Alisa and John McMorris, say they're disappointed by the decision.
Murphy is charged with offenses that include aggravated vehicular homicide, assault and DWI. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted on the top charge.
The next court date is scheduled for June 4.
Murphy and his attorney refused to comment Thursday.