13-month-old revived by police officers near City Hall

A 13-month-old Bronx girl was revived Thursday in Lower Manhattan by a group of police officers.
Police say Anale Fernandez stopped breathing prompting her mother, Ana Reyes, to scream for help. Several officers stationed near the gates of City Hall came to aid the woman.
Officer John Francis began CPR immediately while Officer Robert Oles ran to City Hall for oxygen tanks and extra help.
Detectives John Madden and Louis Guglielmo returned quickly with an oxygen tank. Madden is a trained EMT and upon arriving, he took control of CPR and eventually revived Anale.
Madden says the baby had a pulse, but her airways were blocked.
Reyes and all four police officers were relieved once they saw the baby open her eyes. Anale is now resting in her Bronx home. Reyes says the baby suffers from a hereditary condition that causes seizures.