What's the damage? Nassau property tax impact notices available online

Property owners in Nassau will soon receive their tax impact notices in the mail, although they can now view them on the county's website.
While others waited for the mailed notice, Michele Sparaccio, of Freeport, already knows what the county believes its assessment changes will mean for her. Sparaccio's shows that her county property taxes are estimated to increase by more than $5,000 -- a 57 percent increase.
Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin says his office has been inundated with questions from concerned residents. Clavin says the wild swings in property tax bill estimates -- and the news that the county is in the process of remailing 20,000 disclosure notices due to what it terms "clerical errors" -- means County Executive Laura Curran should host assessment forums and meet directly with residents.
Curran says the disclosure notice redo amounts to simply replacing the word "resident" with "property owner."
It doesn't seem like everyone's taxes are going up. A member of the popular Facebook group "Nassau Grieve Your Tax Assessment - Free" posted her tax impact statement. It shows that her Nassau property tax bill is estimated to decrease by about $1,700.
As for Sparaccio, she says the changes may force her to downsize and that she's not confident she'll able to sell her home for what the county says it's worth.
The Curran administration says it is meeting with residents about the assessment changes.
"We have increased staff and opened mobile offices which have nearly 6,000 appointments scheduled and another 14,000 slots still open," a spokesperson said.