VIDEO: Food Universe cashier attacked by 2 shoppers in the Bronx

Police say a 24-year-old Food Universe cashier was attacked by two people in the store Sunday in the Bronx.
The incident took place at the Food Universe grocery store on East 194th Street around 1:30 p.m.
Video shows one of the suspects going behind the counter and continuously punching the employee in the face before the employee seems to try and defend herself. The other suspect reached over and pulled her hair just before the first suspect started punching.
Another employee tried to diffuse the situation verbally, asking that suspect to stop before the other person came back around and continued to attack her.
Shoppers later got involved and attempted to stop the altercation.
The victim is a member of grocery store coalition Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, which released a statement saying, "Beyond the statistics on retail thefts going up, these are people - many immigrants - who are being attacked when stores are robbed. We need our leaders in city hall and Albany to step up to protect our workers, stores and ensure customers can shop in safety."
The Collective Action to Protect Our Stores is now offering a $2,500 reward to bring the attackers to justice.
Pedro Goico, who is a member of the organization along with the operator of that supermarket, released a statement saying, "I am putting this reward up so that anyone with information is compelled to come forward. Too many workers, like our brave cashier, have been attacked, and enough is enough - we need action."
The motive of the attackers is still unclear. The cashier is recovering.