Tesla Science Center structure still standing after fire; hope remains for renovation project

The main structure of Nikola Tesla’s 1901 laboratory in Shoreham is still standing following a devastating fire Tuesday night.
According to Marc Alessi, executive director of the Tesla Science Center, the original brick building appears to be intact. However, there was extensive damage to the roof, wooden moldings and steel support beams.
The historic building on Randall Road houses the famed American inventor’s final standing laboratory. It was also home to the world’s tallest Tesla coil.
The organization had raised $14 million for extensive renovations, and was in the process of demolition. Alessi says there is hope the project could continue to move forward, despite the fire.
“We were worried we were going to lose the lab. And the lab is still standing. And that’s been a little bit of a sign of hope for our community, for our staff, for our board,” Alessi says.
One firefighter was hospitalized with injuries that were not considered life-threatening after falling Tuesday night. He has since been released from the hospital.
The cause of the fire is under investigation. According to Suffolk Police, the cause appears to be non-criminal.
Engineers are assessing the structural integrity of the building.