Survivor Stories: Plainview couple grateful as family recovers from bout with coronavirus

A Plainview couple who have been married for 40 years are back home recovering after a battle with COVID-19.
Francesca and Bruce Carlow fought the coronavirus together, sharing a hospital room. They believe they got the virus after a family dinner, with their son Ben, son-in-law and daughter Danielle who was pregnant.
Ben was the only to avoid contracting the virus. It started with Danielle's husband, then Danielle, who had to have an emergency cesarean section and gave birth alone.
"All the nurses and the doctors, they were there holding my hand and they let me FaceTime with him so he was kind of there with me," says Danielle. "When he was first born, I didn't really hold him I didn't touch him, they swaddled him up and put him next to me."
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Meanwhile, Francesca and Bruce were hospitalized for 10 days.
"I was terrified that I was going to die and I was terrified that Bruce was going to die and leave my kids and never be able to see my grandchild," says Francesca.
But the couple was released and got to see their grandson through a window.
"I'm telling you it was fantastic," says Francesca. "He is so adorable, and in 6 weeks his face and body changed so much."
The couple is feeling thankful for being able to come out on the other side of a virus that ravaged their family. Now they can't wait to be able to sit down together again for a Friday night dinner.
"We consider ourselves incredibly lucky," Bruce says. "We love our family and our friends and the people in the hospital that helped us through this."