Amityville woman stricken with COVID-19 for 3 months recovers

An Amityville woman with COVID-19 was on a ventilator for nearly two months, and doctors said her prognosis was not good. However, she was able to turn a corner, and was finally able to go home.

Jessica Escobar says she didn't think she'd see her mom ever do this.

On Thursday, her 46-year-old mother Elsa walked out of St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson – COVID-19 free, but it took nearly three months to get there.
In late March, Elsa was admitted to the hospital and put on a ventilator. Her condition was so bad, doctors at one point told her family to prepare for the worst. That's when they let them briefly visit to pray and say good bye.
"They told us the only reason people come to see their relatives in the hospital is because there is no alternative," said Escobar.
However, the next morning Escobar says her mother showed improvement, eventually gained consciousness and was able to get off the ventilator.
During that time Escobar says her mother prayed every day. She says it was her faith, and her tireless medical team that helped her beat the virus.
Thursday afternoon her prayers were answered.
"It was like a big day, like everybody was so happy and we were finally seeing the miracle," says Escobar.
Escobar says her mother is getting stronger every day and hopes to make a full recovery.