Suffolk student finds error in Regents geometry exam

East Setauket teen Ben Catalfo was able to determine something was wrong with a question on the Regents geometry exam.
The math whiz, who passed the Regents exam in seventh grade, says he made the discovery while he was preparing to tutor geometry students earlier this month. 
Catalfo was working through a test administered to students on June 16 when he came across a multiple choice question asking to prove two triangles are mathematically similar. He says none of the answers offered were correct.
"They should look it over more thoroughly," says Catalfo, who will be a junior at Ward Melville High School this coming school year. 
The student created an online petition pressuring state officials to mark the question as correct for all the students who took the exam. It was signed by nearly 2,700 people since it was created last week. 
The state Education Department acknowledged Tuesday that Catalfo was right. Officials with the department say the exam will be rescored to give all students credit for the question.
Catalfo says he is "very happy" that students will get credit and hopefully it helped those who just missed passing the exam. 
In a statement, a spokesperson with the state Education Department says officials will "continue to work with educators with classroom experience and direct content knowledge of each course to further improve our assessments."