State hearing to determine if tenured teachers at Babylon school district will be fired

The Babylon Union Free School District is taking action to fire teachers who are currently on leave.
According to the school superintendent, the action is connected to allegations that were brought forth during a school board meeting in November 2021. Dozens of people came forward at that school board meeting to tell their stories of alleged sexual misconduct or abuse at the high school.
The accusations were brought on by a News 12 report that featured 2011 graduate Brittany Rohl, who claims she was groomed for sex by her teacher and track coach.
Rohl sent the following statement to News 12: "The staggering depth and scope of the violence against vulnerable people by Babylon school district is only just beginning to come to light."
The teachers being charged have tenure so they can't be terminated without what's called a 3020a hearing.
A state hearing will be held to decide if the teachers get fired or get to stay on the job.
News 12 attempted to speak with members from the school board, but no one would directly speak on the issue.
In a statement, the school board president wrote, "As we have told the community, this board has made a commitment to take every step possible under the fullest extent of the law to protect our students and let them know that they can feel safe in our buildings. As part of that commitment, we are moving ahead with 3020a proceedings against these individuals. They will remain on leave outside of the classroom and away from students until this process is concluded."
The state attorney general is also conducting an investigation, which is ongoing.
Since fall 2021, one teacher in Babylon was arrested on rape charges and another has resigned.
The district would not say exactly how many teachers they're taking action against, but News 12 is told they will be suspended with pay.
It's not clear how long the process will take, but a state arbitrator will make the final decision.