Special district race focuses on costly fire department

More than 100 fire, water and sanitation districts held special elections Tuesday and though turnout was typically low, officials say voting in these races does make a difference.
Millions of dollars in taxpayer money are tied to special districts. Some in Gordon Heights are especially concerned about the future of their fire department because they say it?s adding an undue burden to their wallets. One of five commissioner seats was up for a vote and some residents say they?re looking to get some new blood on the board because they want change.
Activist Rosalie Hanson says residents in Gordon Heights pay much more for their fire department?s protection then people in other districts. Hanson says she and others are trying to get the fire department absorbed by a surrounding department.
Officials say Gordon Heights residents pay so much because the area has no commercial tax base from which to draw. District Commissioner James Kelly says dissolving the fire district would increase firefighters? response time.