Poll: 1/3 of vaccinated Americans are cutting ties with those who are unvaccinated

A new poll has found that some people are choosing to end relationships over vaccination status.  
A Harris Poll survey shows 1/3 of vaccinated Americans are cutting ties with family, friends and acquaintances who are not vaccinated. 
Researchers say the vaccine divide in some cases is showing there could be lasting, negative damage to those relationships. 
“The drive is really fear, rather than anything else, we don’t know what is going to happen if someone is unvaccinated and ends up catching COVID-19. On the other hand, someone you know who has the belief the vaccine is not good for you is also drive by fear,” says psychiatrist Dr. Youssef Hassoun.  
Dr. Hassoun says the arguments, tension and division are affecting all age groups. 
The poll also shows that 2/3 of people have tried to change the mind of a family member and convince them to get the vaccine.