Officials call for advocate after alleged strip-searches at JFK

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is calling on the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to create a position of passenger advocate at every commercial airport in light of the recent accusations by three women that they were strip-searched by TSA agents.
Ruth Sherman, one of the three women, accuses the TSA of strip-searching her due to her colostomy bag at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The TSA says it does not conduct strip-searches but nevertheless has established an advocacy service and will open a toll-free hotline for passengers next month.
Sen. Schumer says that is not enough and wants an advocate on-hand at every commercial airport.
"When this degrading experience unfolded there was no one at the airport to advocate on their behalf," Sen. Schumer says.
Third woman claims she was strip-searched at JFK2nd senior citizen says she was strip-searched at JFK