News 12/1010 WINS reporter attacked while covering protests for 1010 WINS

Some of the violent protests held across the state targeted police and even journalists.
News 12/1010 WINS reporter Darius Radzius was filming video of a liquor store being looted on Saturday evening in Brooklyn. Radzius was attacked after his live report for 1010 WINS radio.
Radzius says after signing off, someone yelled “snitch.” He was then hit from behind with some type of object.
"I'm down on the ground, trying to figure out what's going on really fast and I see all these people surrounding me, I can't see anything beyond a couple feet,” says Radzius.
Radzius needed five stitches above his eye. He is thankful for the demonstrators who took care of him before help arrived. He says they were friendly, trying to stop the people from looting.