#LocalMatters: News 12 Networks take home 17 New York Emmy Awards

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Apr 26, 2020, 1:00 PM

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#LocalMatters: News 12 Networks take home 17 New York Emmy Awards
News 12 Networks won 17 Emmy Awards Saturday night from the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
News 12 won honors for its networks across the tri-state, including awards for individual reporters and anchors, and the Digital team. The 17 wins are the most of any network this year. News 12 was nominated in 69 categories, also the most for a single network.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 63rd annual gala was streamed live, with different presenters announcing the winners. Nominees were encouraged to get dressed up and hold Zoom parties at home with work colleagues and friends. Winners could video their acceptance speeches at home, and the New York Emmys shared them on social media.
Below is a list of News 12 winners by region:

News 12 Westchester
Investigative Report: Single Story - Surveillance Secret
Tara Rosenblum, Investigative Reporter; Alan Flamenhaft, Photographer; Jean Salzarulo, Producer; Scott McGee, Managing Editor; Stan Kowalski, Assistant News Director

Crime: Program/Feature/Segment/Special - Crime That Pays: Laura's Story
Tara Rosenblum, Producer; Alan Flamenhaft, Photographer; Jean Salzarulo, Producer 
Military: Program Feature/Segment - Walk With Frank
Andrew Christman, Photographer

Journalistic Enterprise - Tara Rosenblum

Talent: Reporter - Features/Human Interest -Tara Rosenblum

Talent: Reporter - Medical - Tara Rosenblum

Writer: News - Tara Rosenblum, Scott McGee - Composite

News 12 Long Island
Environment: Program Feature/Segment - Go Green
Elizabeth Hashagen, Reporter; Brian Jingeleski, Photographer; James Di Gregorio, Lead Graphic Designer

Historical/Cultural: News - Project Revival
Virginia Huie, Reporter; David Garden, Photographer

Talent: Anchor - Sports - Kevin Maher 

News 12 New Jersey
Business/Consumer: News - Kane In Your Corner: Robocalls
Walt Kane, Producer; Karin Attonito, Producer; Anthony Cocco, Photographer/Editor
Politics/Government: News - Kane In Your Corner: Politics
Walt Kane, Producer; Karin Attonito, Producer; Anthony Cocco, Photographer/Editor; Michael Nash, Photographer

Talent: Anchor - Weather - Dave Curren

News 12 Connecticut

Feature News Report: Serious Feature - Round Two
Marissa Alter, Reporter; Jim Mennino, Photographer

Sports: News Single Story - Amber's Impact
Marissa Alter, Reporter; Mark Sogofsky, Photographer

News 12 Digital
Interactivity - News 12 Engage: A Multi-Screen Experience
Christine McGrath, Digital Managing Editor/Producer; Elizabeth Hashagen, Anchor/Producer; Chris R. Vaccaro, VP Digital; Greg Cannella, Editor; James DiGregorio, Lead Graphic Designer; Jessica Lee, Lead Graphic Designer; Shawn Brown, Senior Digital Producer; Colleen Harrington, Digital Managing Editor; Sandrina Rodrigues, Senior Digital Producer; Brian Jingeleski, Editor; Crystal Von Urff, Producer; Sarah Venti, Producer; Ricardo de Masi, Producer.

News 12 Hudson Valley

Military: News - A Timeless Graduation
Rebecca Solomon, Reporter; Andrew Christman, Photographer

To view the full list of nominations, click here.
WATCH: News 12 Emmy winners celebrate and share acceptance speeches on social media
The 63rd annual New York Emmy Awards gala was live-streamed in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Winners were encouraged to share acceptance remarks on social media.


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