Mothers struggle as baby formula remains scarce at Long Island stores

New mothers across Long Island are struggling as the nation's baby formula shortage continues.
"I actually ran out this morning, so I had to go to Target, and I was able to get a can," said Yasmeen Smith, of Elmont, who has a two-month-old son. She said breastfeeding is not an option for her and she has to rely on baby formula.
Some mothers who can breastfeed are buying formula in stores when they see it to give to a friend or family member. But those in need of formula are desperate to find it.
"Right now, we've been calling family to have them go where they live in their town to see if there's any formula on the shelves," Smith added.
The shortage comes after Abbott Nutrition closed its Michigan plant amid a recall.
Four infants who consumed formula from the plant suffered bacterial infections. Two of them died.
Many parents spent Saturday hitting store after store in search of baby formula. Long Islanders News 12 spoke with said either the stores are out of stock or the formula available cannot be given to their baby.
"Babies get hungry all the time. He's constantly crying,"
said Corey Porter, whose wife is one of thousands of Long Islanders who have turned to “mom groups” on Facebook.
The state Department of Health issued baby formula guidelines and announced resources that are available to mothers. The list can be found here: