'Almost every mom is in need.' Nonprofits help parents find baby formula amid shortage

Parents are in a continued state of panic over the nationwide baby formula shortage, but local nonprofits and New Yorkers are helping get formula to the children who need it.
Baby Essentials of Long Island is sourcing unused infant formula and scheduling appointments for pickups and drop-offs to assist families.
"Normally we only assist moms in needs," says Kelly Gillick-Goldberg, of Baby Essentials of Long Island. "But the fact that there was a recall in formula all of a sudden, almost every mom is in need."
The Department of Health has issued guidelines for what parents should and shouldn't do if they can't get formula.
"Make sure they're not diluting the formula to make it last longer because that could be very dangerous to the baby," says Dr. Sara Siddiqui, of NYU Langone Huntington Medical Group. "Trying to make your own formula, we advise against that as well."
Doctors say it is critical that parents check with their pediatricians about new types of formula for their children.