Massapequa Little League Softball Team celebrated with parade, awards ceremony for World Series win

The girls became the first New York team to ever win the Little League Softball World Series.

Jon Dowding

Aug 28, 2023, 9:56 PM

Updated 263 days ago


The Massapequa International Little League Softball Team were celebrated Monday with a parade and awards ceremony.
The girls became the first New York team to ever win the Little League Softball World Series earlier this month.
The team has already been congratulated by the New York Mets, Gov. Kathy Hochul and now a proper celebration by their community.
A parade kicked off from Brady Park to Village Hall. It was followed by an awards ceremony.
Catcher and outfielder Eden Tesoriera said the whole moment was just surreal.
"I thought we would be going far but I didn't think that we would be going this far,” said Tesoriera.
Massapequa International Softball Team Manager Rich Eaton said before making the all-star team, the players first started competing against each other earlier in the season.
"So, we've only been together like the beginning of June, so maybe eight weeks together. And we won the World Series,” he said. “We've played against many teams that have been playing together for four, five years at a time."
As the parade kicked off, many familiar faces cheered on the champions including several state, county and local officials.
"They played against teams from Florida, Texas, Southern California where they can play baseball, softball all year round,” said Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino. “They're phenomenal, we're so proud of them, and they're our heroes."
Elected officials also presented the team players with some special gifts.
For players like Tesoriera, who first started playing softball when she was 3 years old, all she could say to me is this moment is just crazy to believe.
"I'm so proud of this team that we got this far, and that the friendship is so strong with us and that we all just clicked instantly. It's amazing,” she said.

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