Man accused of raping woman on front lawn in Freeport faces judge, just feet from his accuser

A 24-year-old man accused of beating and raping a woman on her own Freeport front lawn faced a judge today, just feet from his accuser in court.
Ever Martinez Reyes was arraigned on a grand jury indictment, and is now charged with several counts of rape, sexual abuse and assault.
Prosecutors have said that the victim was punched in the face, knocked unconscious and assaulted back on Sept. 28 on Parsons Avenue.
The 36-year-old victim of the alleged rape sat feet away from the suspect during the court arraignment.
Martinez Reyes entered a not guilty plea during the arraignment.
Authorities have said Martinez Reyes is in the United States illegally from El Salvador.
He is being held without bail, and the judge ordered him to continue to be remanded. He’s due back in court Nov. 19.