Made on Long Island: Crimson and Clove in Amityville

Crimson and Clove was started by Alicia Valeo and Kevin Breslawski.

News 12 Staff

Jul 25, 2023, 11:01 AM

Updated 269 days ago


One Suffolk County couple wanted to spice things up, so they started their own spice and flavored salt company called Crimson and Clove.
News 12's Jenn Seelig takes you to the Amityville kitchen where the products are made.  Alicia Valeo and Kevin Breslawski have big taste buds.
"We have anywhere over 80 to 100 raw ingredients -- I mean we experimented with so many different things," says Valeo.
In 2015, they started Crimson and Clove. They sell small fresh batches of blends, spices, and flavored salts.
The duo has unique names for their tasty creations and say they have a seasoning blend for every meal.
Some of their blends are named after iconic Long Island spots -- like Montauk. "We love to travel so we've been to a lot of different places, tried a lot of different foods, and then we come home and say like, ‘hey we tried this really cool thing maybe we could put our own spin on it’," says Breslawski.
The team started selling their blends at farmers markets and now they ship them nationwide.
The products are mixed, packaged and sealed in Amityville. 

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