Long Island native's music video holds new meaning after death of Gabby Petito

A music video made years ago featuring a then 14-year-old Gabby Petito shared a profound message -- one that now holds different meaning following her death.
The video was made after the Sandy Hook shooting and was titled 'Irreplaceable.' Petito and her two younger brothers were in the video with her holding a sign that says she's irreplaceable.
Long Island native Deb Henson wrote, produced and sang the song.
"It's just ironic that she's in this video," says Henson. "I haven't listened to the song in a while and listening to the lyrics -- it's wow because the lyrics are so fitting now. It's almost eerie to us," says Henson.
Henson vividly remembers her encounters with Petito and her family.
"I don't want to sound melancholy, but we had a magical weekend," says Henson. "It was two days of filming on a Saturday and Sunday, and I just remember it was really hard for everybody because of the subject matter and Gabby was such a bright light even at 14. She was just this kid who was really sweet and just wanted to be involved and help."
Henson hopes it will inspire others to love and be kind and remind everyone that they're irreplaceable.
Henson says any money raised by downloading the song on iTunes or Spotify will go toward a fund to help Petito's family.