Huntington Station restaurant offers drive-in movies, dinner 3 nights a week

Officials say residents can now enjoy a night out for dinner and a movie in Huntington Station.
Rincon Criollo is hosting a drive-in move night three nights a week.
The owner says the only cost is what you spend on food at the drive-thru before the show.
Owner Rudy Acosta says the idea came from the need to fill a void.
"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were pretty slow. I know people want to do something outside of the house. I just watched a movie with my family in my backyard, and I thought this would be a great idea."
Each night is themed, Mondays will be a mainstream movie, Tuesdays are Disney movies and Wednesdays will feature 80s classics.
There are only four parking spots available each night, so reservations are required.