Deep frying turkey for Thanksgiving? Fire officials highlight safety precautions

If you are planning on deep frying your turkey for Thanksgiving, fire officials have tips on how to do so safely.
Make sure the turkey is fully defrosted before putting it in hot oil. Deep frying frozen turkey is extremely dangerous.
The Deer Park Fire Department put on a demonstration Monday to show what could happen if it's not completely thawed and not done the correct way.
"When you do it, you want to do it slowly. You do not want to just drop the bird in. You want to slowly lower the bird in, it will bubble, will hear it sizzle. Just keep it going at a slow rate," says Chief Robert Macaluso.
Officials say never to fry it inside, near any pets or close to any low-hanging trees or awnings.
When you are done, even after the oil is cool, never pour it down the drain or your toilet.