DA's office uncovers 11 more alleged victims of former Bay Shore elementary school teacher accused of sex abuse

A former Suffolk elementary school teacher accused of sexually abusing students was arraigned on a new indictment on Wednesday.
Former Bay Shore Elementary School teacher Thomas Bernagozzi pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing two students.
Officials called Bernagozzi a serial child abuser.
Officials say they have identified another 11 victims through over 30 interviews since his last court appearance in December.
Prosecutors say Bernagozzi followed the same pattern of abusing his students and other children he would take with the school to Broadway shows and the beach from the 1970s to when he stopped teaching in 2000.
Bernagozzi pleaded not guilty to charges of sodomy and sexual abuse against a child brought by a grand jury.
The prosecutors said one victim was 4 years old when the abuse started and the other child was 8 years old.
A judge set bail at $600,000 insured bond. Bernagozzi’s attorney said a bail bondsmen will pay it today.
The DA said they have been building a case for some time and have got even more evidence from Bernagozzi’s home to corroborate victims’ stories.
Officials say Bernagozzi had photos that they are still sorting through that link him to certain incidents.
Bernagozzi is due back in court next month.