County unveils 2,500 body cams for Nassau officers; implementation expected by end of the year

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says the county selected a vendor and purchased approximately 2,500 cameras.

News 12 Staff

May 27, 2021, 7:27 PM

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The Nassau County Police Department unveiled new body cameras Thursday.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says the county selected Long Island-based vendor Tech Services and purchased approximately 2,500 cameras. Curran says they will be worn by uniformed officers who are on duty.
County officials say they hope the technology will promote safety and accountability.
Curran says the plan is to pay officers $3,000 to wear the body cameras.
In the past, the Nassau County Police Benevolent Association was opposed to police body worn cameras. The stipend for the officers is part of the negotiations with the union.
James McDermott, president of the Nassau PBA, issued a statement saying, "Body cameras serve to protect police officers and the public alike. Nassau police officers do not oppose wearing the apparatus, if this conclusion is reached through contractually obligated negotiations between the county and the Nassau County PBA. The top priority of this union is to defend the rights of our officers. Nassau County police officers are among the finest law enforcement officers in the nation and have earned the respect of Nassau residents for the sacrifices made and professionalism displayed while on duty."
Jeremy Joseph, of Long Island United to Transform Policing, says officers should not receive more taxpayer money to wear the cameras.
"That's a miscarriage of justice that is making accountability optional for police and paying them a bonus as if they are doing us a favor," says Joseph.
The county estimates it will cost $5 million dollars for the cameras and video storage. It will cost an additional $7.5 million every year if each officer is paid the $3,000.
Implementation of the body cams is expected in September.
Suffolk County says it has not selected a vendor for body cameras but is still planning an October rollout.

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