Brick Township police officers rescue woman who nearly drowned in Metedeconk River

A couple of police officers in Brick Township helped to save the life of a woman who went missing off a boat in the Metedeconk River after spending an hour in the water.
Officers John Alexander and Eric Haugh were in a police boat looking for the missing 27-year-old woman after the call came in Saturday around 9 p.m.
Conditions at the time were almost total darkness, between two to three-foot chop, and winds gusting more than 20 mph. According to police, the woman went swimming off a boat earlier in the evening, but became separated from the winds and current. The boat operator lost contact with her in the wide area.
Nearly an hour later, the officers heard a faint call for help over the winds and waves, and found her. The current brought the woman to the side of the police boat, but she was too weak to grab onto a life ring thrown into the bay.
“She went under several times,” says Officer Alexander. “We lost contact with her. We almost had to get it into the water, but luckily with the wind, we actually had her position the boat downwind of her and she blew right toward the boat.”
The officers pulled her in within minutes of her drowning. They say she was blue and semi-conscious. Police gave her first aid and took the boat back to Eagle Point, where crews took her to a hospital and treated her for pneumonia and hypothermia. She remains in stable condition.  
“I was just happy we had the equipment, we had in the training we had, and we were able to respond and save a life,” says Officer Haugh.
Police Chief James Riccio says the actions of the officers certainly helped save the woman's life.  Police say they did cite the operator of the boat, who was unlicensed. The woman was not wearing a life jacket. She is expected to make a full recovery.