'A major problem.' Village of Northport's Justice Court closed following departure of 2 clerks

The Northport Village Justice Court is currently closed following the recent departure of two of its clerks.
Mayor Donna Koch told News 12 that “they left for better-paying jobs, which I think we would all do.”
Koch said they were trying to negotiate a way to give them an increase in salary, “but it wasn't feasible.”
Trustee Ernest Pucillo said this is “a bad situation” for the court, residents and those who have cases pending.
Trustee Joseph Sabia described the closure as “a major problem.”
The prosecutor also left, but the mayor said that position was recently filled. The court needs a clerk to run properly.
The court’s judge, Hon. Brian Trodden, said in a statement: "I am frustrated that we lost two valuable and trusted court clerks because they were underpaid. I am interviewing candidates and working with the Village Board to ensure our new court clerks get paid the salary they deserve. I am confident that the court will reopen soon. If anyone is interested in the job, please submit your resume to Northport Village Hall."
The mayor said tickets can still be paid online. She’s hoping for a March 4 reopening.