You've got mail: Behind-the-scenes look at how USPS works to get holiday gifts delivered on time

The US Postal Service wants to remind everyone that there’s not much time left to mail out a Christmas card or package for the holidays
Wednesday, Dec. 20 is the deadline for Priority Mail (3-Day), USPS Ground Advantage (2-Day), First-Class Mail (2-Day, and Priority Mail Express (2-Day). Thursday, Dec. 21 is the deadline for the Priority Mail Express (1-Day) and Priority Mail (2-Day).
So far this holiday season, USPS has accepted almost 10 billion packages and mail.
"It's sort of like we're riding around in a sleigh this time of year,” said Amy Gibbs, USPS Strategic Communications Specialist.
Gibbs says the Postal Service plans months in advance to prepare for the holiday rush.
"We do feel like this is our time to shine,” said Gibbs. “This is our time to give back to America, to get all of those holiday gifts under the tree in time. It's a very, very special time of year."
News 12 got a look inside the Postal Service's Mid-Island Processing and Distribution Center in Melville.
USPS Executive Plant Manager John Onken says the facility had its busiest day of the year Monday, sorting roughly 1.4 million letter-sized pieces of mail.
"My letter sized machines run 25 to 30,000 pieces an hour,” said Onken. “My flat machines, which are [for] like a magazine size, they're running in the 10,000 range."
Some issues could cause some delays to your package processing and shipment.
"People are not packaging their packages correctly, trying to mail things that aren't mailable,” said Onken. “Got to watch for batteries and things like that. We want to make sure everybody's safe."
So check packages twice before heading to the Post Office.
"People should be aware to pack their packages in a sturdy box, packing tape, legible address, and we like to say ship often and ship early,” said Gibbs.
The Postal Service is also hiring going into the New Year. For more information about shipping deadlines and job opportunities, visit their website here.