What's Cooking: Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace Fall focaccia

Chef Vinny Olivieri, of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, teaches News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to make fall focaccia.
1 Uncle Giuseppe’s Pizza Dough (22oz)
1 small ball burrata
¼ lb Gorgonzola Dolce
¼ lb speck (sliced thin)
½ delicata squash (sliced very thin)
½ small red onion (sliced very thin)
Fresh thyme
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
Remove pizza dough from package and place in a large nonstick baking pan, rub with oil and cover with plastic wrap. Allow dough to proof for 1-2 hours un-refrigerated in a somewhat warm environment. The longer the proof the lighter the dough.
Cut delicata squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out all seeds and discard. Place squash cut side down and slice very thin. If thin slicing is not possible, slice the squash, toss with olive oil salt and pepper and roast at 450 for 10-15 minutes before adding to the top of the dough.
Once dough is fully proofed, begin to stretch, free form to the shape you desire. The more you stretch the thinner the pie will be. The less you stretch the thicker it will be. Pizza making is an art, there is no perfect shape. Have fun with it. Once dough is stretched, using your fingertips press into the dough.
Begin to top the dough. Tear burrata and distribute evenly over the top.
Next evenly distribute sliced delicata squash and red onion.
Next, piece out gorgonzola. Gorgonzola is soft and creamy so spoon out small portions with a teaspoon and distribute evenly.
Rip slices of speck and place that down next.
Sprinkle fresh thyme over everything and drizzle with olive oil.
Place in a preheated 525F degree oven for 15 minutes. Sides should be golden brown.