Town of Islip looks to jack up property taxes by 5.3 percent

Town of Islip officials are planning to increase property taxes for next year by 5.3 percent.
The move comes as town board members prepare to vote on a $234 million budget -- an increase of nearly $6 million over 2018.
Town officials say the tax hike would mostly pay for large construction projects and payroll increases.
Connie Cleary, of Islip, says she's at her wit's end.
"We already pay almost $11,000, and we have less than a quarter of an acre," she says. "It's ridiculous."
Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter reminds residents that the town portion of the tax bill is relatively small. The increase would amount to about $28 more per year for the average household.
"That's a couple of lattes at Starbucks," she said, adding that the town stayed beneath the tax cap.
The town board could vote on the increased budget as early as next Thursday.