Tires, rims stolen from Medford condominium complex

A Medford resident told News 12 his tires were stolen from his car on Wednesday night.
Raymond Lamanna, who lives at Blue Ridge Condominiums complex, says he parked his car around 6:30 p.m. while also noticing some people sitting in a car in the parking lot. A neighbor called him an hour later and told him his car was up on blocks and his tires and rims were stolen.
“They stole from us,” said Lamanna. “They came into our home and took from us. We need to get something done. We need to have our community safe.”
Lamanna’s neighbors informed News 12 multiple cars have had their tires stolen plus others have had tires slashed and catalytic converters stolen. Suffolk police confirm there were six incidents at the complex with cars in October.
The Blue Ridge Condominium Association says it has money for a controlled access gate and license plate readers on the entrance to the property. However, they've waited nearly a year for the Town of Brookhaven to approve the plan.
Suffolk police say it is investigating the crimes.