Neighbors demand Medford complex increase security after at least 4 vehicles had tires slashed

At least four vehicles had their tires slashed at a Medford condo complex late Thursday into early Friday, police say.
Residents of the Blue Ridge Condominium Complex say the issue has been happening for over a year.
Cars in separate parking lots of the complex were vandalized.
LoriAnn Vogel is one of the two dozen residents who say they've paid hundreds of dollars to get new tires after their car was vandalized.
"We think it's some people who are bored and walking around at night, and it's easy pickings," Vogel says.
Drivers say they have filed police reports, but they feel the complex should be taking further action to help.
Residents paid HOA to install a security gate, but the project is still in the planning stages.
According to the condominiums' website, they are waiting for the Town of Brookhaven to advance the permit process. That update was posted in early August.
Those who live in the complex say HOA and the condo board are not discussing it with them. They say they collected $400 from each of the 800 units to put toward security, but they haven't seen anything.
"I would like the money that's in the bank right now to put up cameras, especially in the three lots that are being affected," Vogel says.
An automated message from the complex asked residents to send in their incident reports on the tire slashings and attach the police reports.
News 12 reached out to the complex and HOA but have not heard back as of 10 p.m. Friday.