Suozzi, Schumer enact plan in attempt to lower airplane noise near JFK Int'l Airport

The skies could be getting quieter above some Nassau neighborhoods.
For years, News 12 has spoken to Long Island residents who have complained about the noise over their neighborhoods from planes headed into John F. Kennedy International Airport.
But now, newly revised air traffic procedures have been put in place to try and alleviate things. Rep. Tom Suozzi and Sen. Chuck Schumer helped enact changes where all aircraft flying into JFK must maintain the highest operational altitude as long as possible and must remain at or above 3,000 feet until they are within 15 miles of landing.
"The planes were flying so low over the same path every single time that windows were shaking, kids were being woken up in the middle of the night," says Suozzi.
However, some residents say more needs to be done.
"What communities are asking for is that there is not an over-excessive use of runways. That we have dispersed flights, so the same communities aren't always being hit over and over again," says Jana Goldenberg, of Plane Sense 4 Long Island. "We need the flights to be much higher, 3,000 feet is not enough, especially 15 miles, when we all live a lot closer than 15 miles to the airport."
Suozzi says the new procedures are in effect now and agrees with Goldenberg that more needs to be done, but this is a good first step.
The changes only apply to Runway 22 at JFK, but the FAA is also considering new measures to alleviate plane noise around other airports in the New York City region.