Suffolk 911 system, county websites fully restored following disruptions

Suffolk County’s 911 system has been fully restored, county officials say.
They say an issue with a cellphone carrier caused a disruption with the 911 call service Monday through Tuesday morning where some calls could not get through to the county’s 911 operator.
Leg. Kevin McCaffrey says Verizon experienced a problem with one of their call centers, and were eventually able to switch to their backup system.
He says Homeland Security is involved with Verizon on a national level and other agencies are also trying to figure out happened with the outage.
Verizon released a statement saying in part, “The issue has been quickly resolved and all services have been restored.”
The Suffolk County website along with the county’s police department website went offline on Tuesday. News 12 is told that it is not related to the 911 call disruption.
Both sites were back up and running within a few hours.