Nassau GOP nominates veteran prosecutor Anne Donnelly for DA post

Anne Donnelly is the deputy bureau chief of the organized Crime and Rackets Bureau.

News 12 Staff

Jul 19, 2021, 9:06 PM

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Nassau Republicans nominated veteran prosecutor Anne Donnelly as their choice for Nassau County district attorney.
Donnelly, who has been a prosecutor with DA's office for 32 years, will be running against Democratic candidate Sen. Todd Kaminsky.
Donnelly is also deputy bureau chief of the organized Crime and Rackets Bureau. She has prosecuted some high-profile cases including the one against a Great Neck doctor who was sentenced in 2017 to five years in prison for an assault-for-hire plot against a rival doctor.
The longtime prosecutor says her extensive career with the DA's office makes her the best person for the job.
"I am looking forward to this race. I strongly believe that we need a strong leader in the District Attorney's Office, and I am that person," says Donnelly. "I spent 32 years in that courthouse at 262 Old Country Road doing the job. There's no curve for me, I've already been doing it. And the safety of our residents in Nassau County is utmost to me, it's so important. Three thousand people were released from jail after the bail reform, and they've committed 9,000 new crimes. We have to stop that revolving door. I'm gonna put my foot in it and try anyway."
Madeline Singas vacated her office to accept an appointment as an associate justice on the New York state Court of Appeals.
New York state and Nassau County Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs issued a statement in response to the nomination saying, "The Nassau Republican Machine, which probably holds a record for the most indicted, convicted and corrupt politicians in America, has finally nominated their candidate for district attorney to fight corruption. The old adage 'you don't bite the hand that feeds you' should come to the minds of every Nassau voter when deciding who they would like to protect their taxpayer dollars and keep our county safe from corruption. It sure won't be the machine's handpicked candidate." 
A special election will take place in November.

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