Town of Smithtown considers new vehicle fee at parks and beaches

For the first time ever, Smithtown residents might have to shell out some money to park at the town’s beaches and parks.
The town board is considering a new fee for resident parking stickers.
The first vehicle would cost $30. There would be a $15 charge for each additional vehicle.
Senior citizens, veterans and volunteer firefighters would pay a discounted price of $15 for the first car.
Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim blames the change on an increase in the state’s minimum wage. Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage will be $16 per hour.
Some residents spoke out against the proposed fee at a public hearing.
Michael Sparks said, “$30, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot. But it adds up. It adds up every time we do something.”
“I think this is really unfair, especially for young families,” said Kathleen Cuff, of Kings Park.
The town board still has not voted on the resolution.