Scenery and serenity: Journey through John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden in Mill Neck

Scenery and serenity - journey through the John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden in Mill Neck on this week's Road Trip: Close to Home.
You’ll be greeted by beautiful bamboo. They ask you to leave your phone behind, or shut it off, and leave any negativity and the world's worries at the gates.
As you step onto the stepping stone path, and enter this seven acre gem, feel the tranquility as if you are being transported worlds away to the ancient gardens of Japan.
The stepping stones are used to control the rate that you move through the garden so you can practice being present and take it nice and slow.
This special garden was created by Ambassador John P. Humes and his wife, following a visit to Japan in 1960. Today, it’s preserved by the North Shore Land Alliance.
The garden is only open on the weekends. When they are open, they ask that you wear your mask and be respectful of the peace and quiet.
Make your way through various twists and turns and make discoveries along the way.
As you continue your journey, the second part of the path is gravel that represents water and the stone represents islands.
It will lead you to a picturesque pond, home to bullfrogs and gold fish. There are benches to sit quietly, read, or even meditate. Or you can find your own nice quiet little nook.
The final destination is an authentic tea house known to be a place of harmony. You can’t go inside right now, but you can still admire its beauty.