Residents weigh in on controversial Port Washington North movie studio proposal

Port Washington North residents took their concerns to the village board Wednesday to discuss a controversial proposal to build a movie studio.
The studio is slated to be built on the site of the old Publisher's Clearing House building on Channel Drive. The developer of Grumman Studios wants to make one part of the complex 65-feet tall, which is why some nearby residents are are not ready to roll out the red carpet.
"I heard they're going to make it six-stories high and that would be ugly," says Dorothy Leeds, of Port Washington North.
Other residents who attended the meeting say the height of the movie studio would impact the character of the village. Residents Cindy Hill says she would hate to have a precedent set for high rises going up in the area.
There is also concern that production crews working 24-7 on movies would disrupt the peace and quiet in the village. The developer plans to use trees as a barrier, but some residents say it won't be enough.
The village board is considering zoning changes to allow the proposed studio to be built in the vacant lot. Resident Joann Perahia says the project would bring jobs to the area.
It'll bring jobs for our high school students who want to be in the theater or want to be in film," says Perahia. "It will bring in money."
Mayor Bob Weitzner says there's a lot to consider before the board votes on the proposal. He says one of the next steps is reviewing the environmental impact report, which hasn't been completed yet.