Renovations near Eisenhower Park's Red Course underway in hope of hosting PGA events

Renovations have begun near The Red Course at Eisenhower Park as professional golfing events could soon be returning to the course.
Many upgrades are being made to the former Carltun Catering Hall, which will soon be known as The Grand Lannin.
The multiuse facility will include a hotel with a restaurant called "The Union," a cigar bar called The General and a catering facility that will host up to 400 guests are also part of the plans. 
The renovations started in October, and the goal is to officially open in May.
The Nassau County parks commissioner tells News 12 that the International Development Association's vote and support to renovate the restaurant space give the final boost to move everything forward, including bringing in more jobs to build and to later boost the local economy when big events are held.
"It will be so big because it brings people into the county, both spectators and participants," says Darcy Belyea, commissioner of Parks, Recreations and Museums for Nassau County. "Room nights and hotels, businesses for our local restaurants and businesses and really just anything that we do as an attraction just highlights what Nassau County is and what it has to offer."
Belyea says she has had some talks with PGA groups seeking sponsorship. She hopes to hold an event in the county in 2024.