WEATHER TO WATCH: Storms, scattered showers into Tuesday

WHAT’S NEW: Sun and clouds for Tuesday, with stray showers or storms until 3 p.m. 
WHAT'S NEXT: The weather will clear out Tuesday evening. Conditions look great for the end of the week.
DROUGHT: Still moderate to severe. Update set for Thursday, but no major change in the drought situation is expected.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Alex Calamia says rain is expected into Tuesday before conditions clear up later this week. 
TUESDAY: Early low clouds and spotty showers. Breaks of sun into the afternoon with a couple of pop-up showers around midday. Clearing in the evening. Highs around 82. Lows near 61. 
WEDNESDAY: Lower humidity and plenty of sunshine with highs around 81 degrees. Lows near 60 degrees. 
THURSDAY: Cooler, mostly sunny and low humidity with highs around 75. Lows near 54. 
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and cool in the morning. Highs around 75. Lows near 56.
SATURDAY: Another nice one. Highs around 78 degrees. Lows around 60. 
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. Stray p.m. shower. Highs around 79. Lows near 60.